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I want to download a video from a site with RealPlayer downloader, but it said that the video was protected with DRM technology. Then how can I download the DRM-ed video?
I was told to install an app called VLC media player to my Kindle Fire, but I have no clue about it? Can some body tell me what it is and how to install it?
Can I use VLC player to download movie? Is there a webiste to get movies?
I want to download some free music. What are some sites for free music download?
I want to copy a DVD onto a blank CD but I'm not sure how to do it on a laptop with only one disc drive? Is there software I have to download or something?
I am running windows 7 I'm looking for an easy and free program to make lyric videos. I failed to download Movie maker. So I hope there is any other alternative.
I went on the Edgewalk on the CN Tower and received a copy of the experience. I was told that we would be able to edit the DVD, but I want to download it onto my laptop just in case. How would I do that?
Are there any TRUSTED sites where you can simply enter in a url or embed and convert an online video to MP4 or WMV format? I'm trying to download a video from a site besides Youtube. A free online converter program would be nice as I have trust issues downloading questionable software.I'm trying to download from MTV, so the online converter must work with this site.
I love taking pictures and videos, but I go to a friends house to edit them he has a program but he paid some money for it. Is there a downloadable or online program where I can edit videos from my camera? A program that won't have any viruses when I download it.
How to watch free movie online? --
I want to watch movies for free and online, don't want to download to my local drive, how to do it?