Copying a DVD onto blank CD from laptop?


7/5/2013 2:18:56 AM
I want to copy a DVD onto a blank CD but I'm not sure how to do it on a laptop with only one disc drive? Is there software I have to download or something?


07/5/2013 01:18:56
You may not be able to do it depending on the size and contents on the DVD. a DVD can hold 4.7 gigs of data while a CD can only hold 700 megs. If you can still copy it I suggest doing it in two steps. One where you copy the contents of the DVD to your laptop, and then where you copy from your laptop to the CD.
07/5/2013 01:48:52
nero software find it here
07/5/2013 01:54:37
You need to copy the files in your dvd to your computer first and then you can burn the files to a blank cd follow the steps below:
You must have 1?DVD recorders 2?blank CD(empty dvd)3?Nero Burning Rom
First of all, you need to put the blank disc into the recorder,then to run Nero startsmart and do some common settings.After that,you need to load files that you want to burn into the software according to the prompt.Last,start to burn.
If you feel it too troublesome,you can use 1-click to create software like imelfin DVD Ripper ,it can convert and burn any video to DVD easily.
07/5/2013 02:05:14
As you said, you have some 4.7GB blank DVDs. In the above,you also said you have one dvd disk drive,so the best way for you is to copy dvd to your laptop first using dvd copy software and then you can copy or burn your file onto the blank dvd again.
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Copying a DVD onto blank CD from laptop?