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30-Day Money Back Guarantee on all software, no doubt about you can take your money back! Before you request refund, please tell me what's the problem!

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Single-User License

Installation of the program purchased under a Single-User Personal License is restricted to one single personal computer owned by or under control of the license. It's not permitted to register the Single-User license on a second computer at the same time or share the software online. To use imElfin software on more than 1 computer or share with others, users can consider purchasing Multi-User license by contacting with us.

1 Year Subscription: 1-Year Subscription allows users to free update imElfin software with 1 yeas since the purchase date. During the period of validity, no matter when you have a problem in using the software, you can contact us and get our technical support in 24/7. When the license is due, users need to renew the software for future use.

Lifetime-license: In lifetime since you purchase our software, anytime you have a problem in using the software, you can contact us and get our technical support in 24/7. And you can also get the software update for free.


Multi-User licenses

Multi-User licenses are not assigned to an individual user. the license can be installed on the specific numbers of computers entirely within your family, organizations and corporation, etc. Pricing for Multi-User license depends on the number of end user. If you are intend to purchase the Multi-User licenses, please contact us to talk this out.


Refund Policy

imElfin software is provided as trial versions for downloading directly from our Website. By using these "try-before-you-buy" versions, you can make sure that they are compatible with your computer systems and satisfy all of your requirements before purchasing the full versions.
Due to the automated way that orders are processed and fulfilled, once an order is processed and the registration details and download instructions are issued, it cannot be canceled. Exceptions to the refund policy are handled on a case-by-case basis and only granted when emergency or extenuating circumstances exist. 
Unaccepted Circumstances
We generally do not refund or exchange products in these circumstances:
• You purchased the so-called "wrong" product, and you purchased the "right" product from another company.
• You changed your mind after placing an order.
• You requested for a refund for technical issues, but never provided any assistance to our support team with any detailed description of the problem.
• Refund for part of a bundle.
• You failed to receive the registration code for the product, and didn't try our "Registration Code Retrieval" wizard.
Accepted Circumstances
• You purchased a wrong product, and then purchased the right product from Epubor within 30 days. We can refund you for the wrong product. But if the two products are irrelevant, we do not approve the refund.
• You've been double charged due to the system problem of the third party payment platform.
• The product has fatal technical problems, and our technical support team failed to provide a fix or work-around within one month.
• You never received the registration code of the product from us, and even failed to retrieve the code from our "Registration code Retrieval" wizard or got no response from our support team after reporting this to us.


License change / upgrade

Computer Change: If you switch to a new computer or re-install your computer, your computer ID will change. In this case, you need to uninstall imElfin software on the first computer, then re-install and re-register on the new on. For a Single-User license, users are permitted to register 3 times at most (personally). As to extra registration caused by system crashes and the like, please contact with imElfin Support.

Software Upgrade:  If you have purchased imElfin software before, and now want to renew or upgrade to another software, please contact imElfin support as well.

Once your refund is issued, please:

1. Uninstall the software and remove it from your computer.
2. Destroy the disc and uninstall the software from your computer if you purchased a CD version of the product.

License and refund