Where can I download a free program to edit videos?


5/31/2013 12:59:29 AM
I love taking pictures and videos, but I go to a friends house to edit them he has a program but he paid some money for it. Is there a downloadable or online program where I can edit videos from my camera? A program that won't have any viruses when I download it.


05/31/2013 00:11:42
your computer typically already has one on it I'm not sure about macs but for a PC windows movie maker is typically on there that's for videos and unfortunately I do not have a free site that guarantees no virus. However if you are going to use a program for pictures Photoshop is top quality for editing but is quite expensive.
05/31/2013 00:12:16
Windows Movie Maker (2.6 or Live comes with Windows)
iMovie (I believe it comes with all Macs)
Wax (For particle effects and green screen)
AAAANNNNDD, if you're daring, you can get Adobe After Effects for free. Which is what pros use. Download a trial version from Adobe, and if you like it and know how to change your hosts file and have a serial code (they are floating all around the internet), you can keep it. But you didn't hear it from me ;)
05/31/2013 00:13:20

Well, a program to edit videos is easily found on your computer. If you are running a Windows computer, you can use Windows Movie Maker, which is totally free and allows you to edit videos, add titles and make photo slide show presentation and etc. If you are running a Mac, you have a program called "iMovies" on your Mac which does the same as Windows Movie Maker. If you wish to get a better program then Windows Movie Maker, I suggest you torrent download (illegally downloading) Sony Vegas Pro 10.

Link for Windows Movie Maker:

Link for iMovies:


If you wish to use Torrent, I suggest you learn the basics before trying it. Because some torrent programs might contain virus. That is if you downloaded the wrong Torrent. Just a little WARNING!
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05/31/2013 00:14:33
Windows Movie Maker can edit your videos, but personally, I know from my experience, the video editor SUCKS. So..It is good to pay for a good one.. or use torrents and do highly unrecommended things (hint*hint*), the choice is yours.
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Where can I download a free program to edit videos?