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DVD+RW vs DVD-RW? --
The difference between a DVD+RW and a DVD-RW disc?
I don't have internet access on my laptop, i can download the installer for Freemake Video Converter from another pc but i need to have internet access on my laptop to install it. Is there another way of installing it on my laptop since i don't have internet access. Your prompt response will be much appreciated, need to do this in the next 2 hours. Thanks in advance.
Can I copy photos from my computer onto a DVD-R disk?
How do I rip BD+? --

I m  registered user.
Yesterday I bought "12 Years a Slave" on BluRay.  When I loaded it, a popup comes up saying that it's a BD+.  When I tried to rip it, the video is distorted.

Any suggestions?  

Where can I download free music for my ipod. I know what most of you are going to saw limewire but my mom doesn’t want that on the computer so any ideas?
What happened to my google video? --
Google purchased Youtube and videos from Google Video have been merged into YouTube collection.
Is there a program to download youtube video and directly convert to iPod?
how to play live streaming of cricket matches from website like on my nokia Lumia 1520?
i downloaded it but its requesting for registration code
"generate dir failed"? --
The above message appears when burning a blu ray.  Program then stops