How to copy a DVD to another DVD with high quality?


7/16/2013 11:18:03 PM
I should say there are many occasions when I want to copy a DVD to another DVD for backup.I also know that there may be some difference between homemade and commercial DVD movies. Now anyone can tell me how to backup both regardless of DVD copy protection?


05/31/2013 00:31:29

By law, you need to regard copy protection, and for the purposes of just copying, the DMCA trumps what limited rights you have. If you read the Y! guidelines, you will see that discussion of breaking the law or violating copyright is not really welcome at Y!A.

You just need to copy the video_ts and audio_ts folders from a non copy protected original disc, and use a DVD writer app capable of DVD-Video, to a single or dual layer DVD, what the original was.

05/31/2013 00:32:19
If you want to copy a commercial DVD to a blank DVD for backup, I would recommend Any DVD Cloner.
The program can remove the DVD protection and burn DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5 with , back up DVD on hard drive as DVD folder or ISO files, shrink DVD-9 to DVD-5.
07/16/2013 23:15:47
For homemade videos backup,it should be much easier.If you choose dvd as a store media,then you can just copy the dvd videos to to one blank dvd for future use.Then if it is one commercial DVD movies,in most cases,they should have copy protection to protect the film producers' interest.In this situation,you should use one dvd copy tool( the Imelfin may be ok) to decrypt the protection and copy it to your new dvd.
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How to copy a DVD to another DVD with high quality?