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I have movies saved as VLC media files and would like to burn them to DVD's. I am trying to drag and drop the icons onto the imElfin program however it is not letting me. Does anyone know if imElfin supports VLC media files>?
I have some movies stored on my PC and I want to burn them on DVD. I tried doing that but they don't play on my DVD player. Any help?
How can I rip Blu-ray to PS3? --
I wanna rip blu-ray to PS3 (Sony Playstation 3) and create my own favorite movie collections (HD). How can i do this?
I want a converter program to convert video to gif easily. Windows movie maker helps me get video clips, but I need a good gif converter without watermark inserted. Help? I have tried a lot, either give low quality or come with watermarks.
A Comprehensive Guide on Fmovies? --
In the digital age, streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume entertainment. Fmovies stands tall as one of the go-to platforms for streaming a vast array of movies and TV shows. Founded with a vision to provide users with an extensive library of free content, Fmovies has garnered popularity due to its user-friendly interface and diverse selection. Whether you're seeking classic films, the latest blockbusters, or trending TV series, offers an enticing catalog that caters to every taste. However, navigating through this virtual ocean of content can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the various aspects of Fmovies, helping users efficiently find their desired content while making the most of the platform's features.
Add subtitle to Movie on Mac? --
Hi, Can I add more then one movie at a time when adding subtitle to it?

my blu-ray copy plays all the previews, then when the movie come on, it freezes and all you hear is the sound,can you help me?

                                  thank you

How to import DVDs to my tablet? --
Hi there,
I recently got a nexus 7, and I was just want to know if I can put any movies I have on DVD onto the nexus 7? Hope this helps.
I want to watch my bought DVD movies on my Kindle Fire in my spare time, I will be very grateful if any of you can help.
Burning BD video without conversion? --


I want to burn some camera mivies on Blu ray disc without any conversion.
The movies are already in mp4 format the size and quality i want.
Is it possible to burn it with Blu ray creeator without conversion ???

regards from germany
Michael Klump