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Does it work on iTunes 12.0? --
I have been using iTunes TuneUp. It stopped working yesterday when I updated iTunes to, though I have faith they will fix this. However I have 95,000 songs after removing duplicates and am half way through cleaning them. I would like to continue as soon as possible. I have also upgraded to Yosemite. So, does this product work with all the latest software?
osx will be up dated in a week..will this app still work or are you going to do an update soon?
software update? --
I am using an iMac.
I am lifetime registered for imElfin Mac DVDRipper and imElfin Mac Blurayripper.
The current version I am using is 7.3.3 for imElfin Mac Blurayripper and I am unable to upgrade to latest 8.0.0.
I managed to download the file imelfin_bdripper_setup.dmg, decompress it in my application folder, but when I start the application, this is still the old version which is running.
Kind Regards
Laurent Agussol
updates included? --
Are automatic updates whenever included ?
critical patch update? --
I reveieved a window that prompted me to to a critical patch update.
How to update my itunes library? --

I origianlly have 1200 songs in my home's itunes library, and I downloaded another 100 songs to my iPod from my friend's computer, while these 100 songs only exist on my iPod not on my home's computer.

So how can I upgrade my home's itunes library, then I can keep those 100 songs when sync with my home's itunes?

Tunes Cleaner? --
Need updater for Mac Tunes Cleaner. Catalina will not launch to update within app.
I cant get the update file to download?
Mac OS won't let me launch the app to update. I need to get an updater.

I thought I was downloading the dvd converter and but the application says blu ray. Is this an update? I tried to follow the instructions that you provide for converting videos to a DVD disc on a MAC but they are entirely different. What am I doing wrong?

I have a movie captured on a phone and would like to put it on a disc.