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Help!! My video size is too large!!!? --
It's said dslr camra video is too large although it is not taken in 480p.
I recorded a 2-minute video clip, the size was about 100 mb. why?
The fastest video converter? --
I have been trying to get this video done I made but the files are so big and HQ that they lag my software!
They are MP4 and they are HUGE. I have been trying to get them done for the past 2 days but haven't been able to because of the slowness it causes. So I want to downgrade the size so it will help me to create the videos easily.
I am currently using Freemake Video Converter, but that sodding bastard took 6 HOURS to convert in WMV!!!!
So I don't want to go through that again... What is the fastest and best converter? And what format should I convert from MP4
Why is the estimated file size is over four times the source?  Source MP4 is 730 MB, but the estimated once imported is close to 4 GB.
Subtitles for Blu-Ray Creator? --

Is any possibility for editing the subtitles (font, color, size etc?) I am not happy with the actual appearance.

Thank you very much!

Transfer slo-mo videos to my laptop? --
The share option only allows me to upload to sites like youtube, and the email attachment restricts the size. I connected my iphone5s to my computer, but all that shows up is pics. When I used my iPhone 3, everything (pics, music, videos) was transferred well.
Burning BD video without conversion? --


I want to burn some camera mivies on Blu ray disc without any conversion.
The movies are already in mp4 format the size and quality i want.
Is it possible to burn it with Blu ray creeator without conversion ???

regards from germany
Michael Klump

When installing this program on Win7 x64, I got the Blue Screen of death warning me of a driver conflict.
When I attempted to uninstall it by running the unins000.exe file, I got an error message that the unins000.dat file was corrupt (0 KB size). can I uninstall the program