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will not registrr? --
Program will not register. I have tried several times. I get   " Licensed eMail error "
to register the program and to start the converter you have to input the license email? the license email is a normal email and if I copy this email, the programm answers "wrong format". What should I do?
The email with the license information just disappeared did the payment go through or not is there a problem I AM NOT AWARE of or is this a mistake.
product inactive but i purchased? --

i buy this product im elfin blurry dvd copy $39.99 in your web site but the product has inactive never sent me a license pleased let me know what i do you can sent a email to


invalid license? --
tried to activate- invalid license
how to deactivate Blu-ray creator? --
I only have one license for Blu-ray creator and need to transfer software from my old machine to a new computer,  I need to deactivate it on my old machine but don't seems to be able to? can someone please help?