How to Convert Blu-Ray & DVD to Digital Copy

3 kinds of Bluray & DVD digital copies will be introduced and the way to convert copy protection of discs to DRM-free digital copy will be solved.

Bluray DVD Collections to Digital Content

How to protect over 3000 Blu-Ray and DVD collections discs from scratching? The Discs to Digital Content converting is a good choice for to us. Why? With the advent of High Definition resolution devices such as iPad min 2/iPhone 6/Apple TV, we can stream video content into portable devices and enjoy HD Digital Movies from BD&DVD collections everywhere. So there is no need to purchase any digital (non-disc) content to save more money. Is this legal? The U.S. Copyright Office has issued an exemption to Prohibition on Circumvention of Copyright Protection Systems for Access Control Technologies. It's legal to backup or change the format of BD&DVD Collections.

Some Term about Discs to Digital Content

If you want to make a digital copy of a bluray, you should know the meaning of Ripping, Re-encoding and Tag. In the fact, "Ripping" is aimed to strip content from Blu-ray&DVD discs to a hard drive such as your computer. "Re-encoding" can help us transcode the ripped video from computer into other formats which are supported by your devices.

Q1: Is there a free program which can convert Blu-ray & DVD to Digital Content?

A: NO FREE SOFTWARE can make it. MakeMKV can only rip unprotected BD&DVD collections to MKV format. But it fails to remove DRM from protected disc collections. The famous Handbrake also just rip and convert HD video without DRM protection to only two formats: MP4 and MKV.

Q2: Can you recommend the best default HandBrake settings for iPad?

A: For most Blu-ray discs, I adopt a Constant Quality of RF 22, sometimes RF 21. For most DVDs, RF 20 is my preference. And The Apple TVs preset will give you good encodes. More info, you can refer how to make best settings for iPad.

Q3: When you use MakeMKV to rip HD content successfully, how to combine the ripped videos from two collections or more?

A: You have to use the extra third party program such as mkvtoolnix.

Q4: If I have ripped 250 Blu-ray and DVD discs to digital content, where can I store all of our content?

A: Store all movies on the Cloud or on external hard drives.

After you rip Blu-ray Collections to the computer, you have to preview it and check whether the video, audio and subtitle tracks have been save correctly or not. VLC Video Player allows you to ensure that you have ripped BD&DVD collections correctly. On the other hand, the portable device (Apple TV, iPhone 6, iPad) and video player (such as QuickTime and Window Media Player) can't play videos in MKV format. So MKV should be converted to other format.

Imelfin Blu-ray Ripper can rip and convert Blu-ray and DVD collections to any video as you want. It provides one stop solution to play BD&DVD on your desirable device easily. In other words, Imelfin Blu-ray Ripper = MakeMKV + Handbrake + VLC + DVD&Blu-ray DRM Removal + Remove Copy Protection.

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What you'll need before you convert Blu-ray disc to Digital Copy

1. Internet Access

2. Blu-ray & DVD Drive Hardware

3. Mac or Windows PC

Just insert a Blu-ray disc into Blu-ray Hard Drive, Click File to import the Blu-ray video. And then choose the output format of Digital Content. You can also custom your preference settings. After you check that all settings are ok, Click "Convert" Button to finish ripping and converting Blu-ray discs to Digital Copy content. To know more details, please refer to how to use Blu-ray ripper. By the way, once you install Imelfin Blu-ray ripper successfully, it will pop up a webpage which teaches you how to make full use of this program step by step.

blu ray to digital copy converter

3 Kinds of Digital Copies you should know

There are 3 common types of digital copies: iTunes Digital Copy, Windows Media Digital Copy, and Ultraviolet Digital Copy. For some Blu-ray & DVD discs, you can redeem an iTunes Digital Copy by following this instruction. However, iTunes Digital Copies aren't available in every country. What's worse, the iTunes digital copies are protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM and can't be converted to your desirable format. On the other hand, they don't allow you to offline view. So do you know how to play DRMed movies in iOS device? Here is a guide which teaches you how to remove Apple's FairPlay DRM from iTunes Digital Copy.

Redeeming an iTunes Digital Copy

Windows Media Digital Copy is protected by Microsoft's DRM. And it's only compatible with devices carrying the PlaysForSure certification.

UltraViolet is a new industry standard that allows you to store your movies securely in the cloud. VUDU To Go is program which can convert your discs to digital copies. But there's no such thing as a free lunch. If you want to convert Blu-ray disc to high definition, it will take $2 per Blu-ray disc. For users with owning thousands of Blu-ray &DVD discs, It would be a bad business. The UltraViolet digital copy also contains DRM protection.

Ultraviolet Digital Copy

All in All, iTunes Digital Copy can only be played in iOS device, Apple TV and iTunes library. Authorization is a very nasty job. But you have to associate a digital copy with your iTunes Store account by license. It's Windows Media Digital Copy can be transferred to play on portable devices with Windows Media Player. But Windows Media Digital Copy are more restricted and allow you copy them only once to one computer. Don't mention UltraViolet Digital Copy. We have own digital content legally but the usage is subject to various restrictions. It must be joke!!!

Locked dvd&Bluray digital copy

Thanks to the emergence of Imelfin Blu-ray Ripper, it saves my life and liberates locked Digital Copy Content forever. It removes copy protection from Blu-ray & DVD collections.

Download Imelfin Blu-ray Ripper for free:

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