Five Plugins Making iTunes More Fun

This article will summarize five most useful plugins for iTunes: iTunes lyrics plugin, iTunes visualization plugin, and iTunes flac plugin.

Does it bother you to transfer files with iTunes back and forth? Does your messy iTunes interface make you feel horrible? Are you ready to experience the new level enjoyment your devices can bring you? This article will summarize five most useful plugins for iTunes: iTunes lyrics plugin, iTunes visualization plugin, and iTunes flac plugin.

No. 1 iTunes Transfer Plugin - iTransfer

iTransfer for Win is recommended as the best video and audio transfer. It allows you to manage your multimedia files easily. You are empowered to transfer and backup all supported file types: not only music audios and videos, but also TV shows and photos, not to mention other medias. All these multimedia sources can be easily shuffled among your Apple devices. You will be released from iTunes synchronization but still achieve extensive data sharing and storing. What’s more, many other useful functions are available in iTransfer. The file filter smoothes file selection, making it as smart as you expect. The direct drag-and-drop interface makes it user friendly for iPod file transactions. What more are you still waiting for? Just get it NOW to backup, transfer, and share your media files!

download iTransfer for Win

No. 2 iTunes Visualization Plugin - Cover Version

Cover Version is the iTunes visualization plugin. It not only displays the album covers of the songs currently playing, but also shows their lyrics, if available. As an iTunes visualization plugin, Cover Version supports multiple functions. With it, the album covers would be displayed as rotating cuboid, or with different effects, or other patterns. You can also customize the interaction features as you like. Last but not least, Cover Version is available for both Windows and Mac. What else you can expect from it?

itunes cover version

No. 3 iTune Cleanup Plugin - Tunes Cleaner

We recommend to you the simplest software for its many effects. It can delete duplicates in iTunes, clean up and repair iTunes library with such ease. The first time you launch Tunes Cleaner, it starts to review the iTunes library on your Mac for duplicates and missing files, like album artworks, songs, and artists. This Tunes cleaner helps you get artwork and covers in iTunes safely, for purchased and downloaded songs. It adds the missing pieces to songs, artists and album titles in your iTunes. It can not only make your iTunes look better, but also increase the functionality of iPhone, iPods and iPad. In addition, it allows you to edit album and song information manually to fix any problems in iTunes completely and accurately.

tunes cleaner

download Tunes Cleaner for MacimElfin Tunes Cleaner for win

No. 4 iTunes Lyrics Plugin - iTunes Companion

As the iTunes lyrics plugin, iTunes Companion is the number one we have experienced and tested. Lyrics is no longer missing out from iTunes till iTunes Companion. With it, you can easily watch the lyrics for currently playing songs, if it is there. Without it, you have to search the database for the lyrics, or Google it manually. Once the lyrics is captured, iTunes Companion could directly save it to the song files. Don’t forget, you can make Karaoke-style lyrics!

itunes companion

No. 5 iTunes Flac Plugin - Fluke (Mac)

Fluke is a free, open source iTunes flac plugin. It makes adding flac files to iTunes on Mac so simple. Just drag and drop the targeted files onto the Fluke icon. Then the files will be ready for you to play! We suggest here that you setup iTunes to copy and add files to the iTunes folder. Please check the Advanced tab in Preferences for this option. Fluke achieves its powerful functions by using a QuickTime plugin that works with iTunes.

fluke for mac

Five Plugins Making iTunes More Fun