Any recommendations for HD movies converter/burner programs?


12/2/2013 1:59:58 AM

I want to convert videos into dvd format and burn DVD, can you please recommend some legal video converter and burner programs?

I have purchased some HD movies on Verizon Fios, iTunes, as well as several avi format films. I want to burn DVDs containing those movies so as to play on my PS3.


10/9/2013 20:49:34
Free studio software
10/13/2013 19:05:26

Hopefully you will find a solution from the following:
#1 Free Studio 5.3.3
It supports downloading, ripping, burning, and converting video clips from one format to another.

#2 Format Factory 2.80
It's easy to use and converts formats well. Choose the type of file you'd like to create, add videos to be converted and convert. Or customize more the output settings as you like.

#3 Freemake Video Converter 3.0.1
If you want a tool supporting formats as many as possible, Freemake Video Converter could be the best option: it supports a big range of video formats, and audios, images, DVDs, YouTube URLs are supported as input.

#4 More professional but paid software
Together with the three freeware, there are some paid programs you may like. These programs show better performances in terms of DVD or Blu-ray ripping/burning. imElfin Video Ultimate is good, though I myself is using another one (Blu-ray copy).

10/15/2013 18:06:49
You may try convertxtodvd, which supports DVD to PS3 conversion.
10/15/2013 18:13:50
A video converter ultimate could solve all the problems, but you may spend some time finding out the best one...
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Any recommendations for HD movies converter/burner programs?