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where is my 30 day trial? --
I only get 5 minutes conversion?
I want full conversion for 30 days to try?
Is there a free program to transfer files to iPod?
How to insert chapters in the movie? --
How can I insert the various chapters in the movie with Blu-ray Creator?
My licence key dosent work? --
The licence key i was given in the Email , doent seem to work.
can you help ?
after every new star of the PC that File is missing and I have to reinstall the programm.
What is the problem?
My email is
Move app to new computer? --

The hard drive in my computer crashed.  I decided to upgrade the system since it was more cost effective then replacing the hard drive.  I expect the license key is tied to the old system, is there a way to transfer the software/application to the new computer using the license I purchased ??


Tim Smith
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Which ebook DRM does ebook ultimate converter support? I have ebooks purchased from both google play and kobo?
Why do you ignore all tickets?????? --
I have put in 3 tickets, and emailed you.  I paid 99.00 for your software and it will not register, and have written to you on many of these tickets multiple times.  If you cannot answer or support your software then we would like our money back.
Mac mini M1 Monterey 12.4? --
Does the Blu Ray Creator works with my Mac ?
How to transfer adh audio files to mp3? --

my email is

When I try to enter my adh file from Amazon audio, I get the message that it does not support AA/AAX files and they need to be added.  I tried this with no luck.  What is the correct procedure to make the conversion from adh to mp3?