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software update? --
I am using an iMac.
I am lifetime registered for imElfin Mac DVDRipper and imElfin Mac Blurayripper.
The current version I am using is 7.3.3 for imElfin Mac Blurayripper and I am unable to upgrade to latest 8.0.0.
I managed to download the file imelfin_bdripper_setup.dmg, decompress it in my application folder, but when I start the application, this is still the old version which is running.
Kind Regards
Laurent Agussol
Why is DVD playing without sound? --
My DVD Player is playing, but there is no sound.
I have a iPhone and can't download the songs straight to my phone.
Why is the estimated file size is over four times the source?  Source MP4 is 730 MB, but the estimated once imported is close to 4 GB.
Free Video Editing software Download? --
I am going to make a music video about an element on the periodic table on a video camera but don't know how to make it come together. we need a video editing program to cut and create a music video.No seperate audio.
Cant seem to drag or see mp4 files
Damaged iTunes Library file? --
My iTunes Library file becomes damaged very frequently, re-install can't solve the problem. Any suggestions?
Hi, is the Blu-Ray Ripper for Mac fully functional with OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)? Thanks, Karel
The email with the license information just disappeared did the payment go through or not is there a problem I AM NOT AWARE of or is this a mistake.
AVI videos can't play! Please help!? --
All the video players on my computer suddenly couldn't open any avi video files. I don't know when does it happens. I've tried Windows Media Player, Quick Time, VLC Media Player and DivX. I installed K-Lite_Codec_Pack_660_Full instead of teh ffdshow. But these didn't change anything. I also tried the Shark007 5.8.6 codec pack but it still didn't work. My computer runs Windows XP Pros 2002 SP3. Please help me, thank you!