Need help with my iPod!?


12/2/2013 6:59:37 PM
I have a new PC. How to completely remove my iPod from the old PC and then sync it to a new one?
Step by step instructions would be appreciated...


11/8/2013 19:18:10

or the old computer, go to "My Music and delete all the files. Then go to the Control Panel and "Add/delete programs". to uninstall iTunes.

On the new computer, install iTunes by going to and following the instructions.

Connect your iPod to the new computer and it will ask you if you want to delete all and sync to the new computer. Select yes.

11/14/2013 21:50:38
Just plug it into your new computer....It'll ask if u wanna erase an sync ur ipod to the new computer....Say yes, but imma warn that it'll erase all of ur music that is on ur ipod. So i suggest you e-mail all the music from ur old comp to ur new one, or burn it to a disc and upload em to ur new computer. Hope i helped a lil, lol.
11/17/2013 22:02:27
Since the songs are on your ipod, connect the ipod to the new PC and transfer the songs. You can use iTransfer (from imElfin), which is easy to follow and you can visit this page for more details:
As to a traditional way, on your old computer, delete iTunes software under control panel, also clear the whole iTunes folder under "Mucsic". Then connect your iPod to the new PC, install iTunes, and sync. In my opinion, an efficiant iTransfer tool helps greatly. I now use imElfin iTransfer and fairly enjoy it!!
11/24/2013 21:58:36

Most of the time you can just plug it in and it will sync itunes to your new comp before you do this though...

And uninstall the iTunes from the old computer.

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Need help with my iPod!?