HD DVD vs Blu- Ray?


11/24/2013 10:45:51 PM
Seems HD DVD ssigned a deal with Paramount. Then should I get a ps3 supporting blu-ray or a HD DVD player?


12/1/2013 23:48:43
Blu Ray is outselling HD-DVD 3 to 1 as of July 2007.
12/2/2013 19:18:46
Blu Ray. HD DVD was losing pretty badly and then they signed the deal with Paramount. A pretty telling sign is that Michael Bay initially threatened not to do Transformers
12/8/2013 19:05:51
I recommend you to choose a PS3.
It is true that HD DVD signed a deal with Paramount, but many of paramount's directors aren't very happy about it. Michael Bay, for instance, is releasing transformers in BOTH formats. This is just a last ditch effort by HD DVD, they are already losing 3 to 1.
12/8/2013 19:44:37

if it was not released on Blu Ray as well (he later backed down, but is still obviously disgruntled). Also, Steven Spielberg's films are specifically excluded from the deal, indicating that both of these filmmakers favor Blu Ray. The Paramount deal has been labeled a "desperate" move by HD DVD to make one last attempt to turn the tide. But with 3 major studios still exclusively backing blu ray to hd dvd's 2, and the others who back both formats seeing much higher sales for Blu Ray, it's pretty obvious who's winning.

And the future looks even more promising for blu ray. The Paramount deal expires in a year and a half, and members of the gaming community are eagerly awaiting the release of next year's PS3 games, which have impressed many with the opportunity to preview upcoming releases. As you know, PS3 has a built in blu ray drive. If PS3 sales surge, which seems likely due to the anticipated increase in game quality and recent price cuts, then studios will have even more incentive to back Blu Ray.

Sorry if this was a little long. I've cited the content from an article I read before.

12/11/2013 18:43:40
I puchase a lot of blu-ray. i believe the only company exclusive to hd dvd was...universal? blu-ray is doing very well as far as disc sales goes, and from what i've seen their october line up is looking pretty hot (including the spidermans being released on blu-ray). anyway between a ps3 and a hd dvd player your getting alot more for your money with ps3.
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HD DVD vs Blu- Ray?