4 iTunes Album Artwork Finder You must Know

Free iTunes Album Artwork finder enables us to fetch album artwork&cover and fix the whole iTunes library on Mac OS X automatically.

iTunes album artwork finder fix missing covers

Last week I update my iPod software and move iTunes songs to it, some albums now show the incorrect artwork. How to fix incorrect album artwork on ipod? In fact, the easy way is to just delete all songs on iPod (iOS device, such as iPhone 4s) and sync them again. And I ever prefer to download free songs from resource websites. The missing cover artworks are all shown up in itunes library. To rip physical CDs to mp3 is another way to play free songs on iTunes. But when I face with thousands of songs with cover loss, the frustrated problem is to find missing album artwork in iTunes one by one.

It's a lovely way to browse your songs, enjoying an album cover artwork on your MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch. If you meet some tracks without any artwork, the black square with the pair of quavers will completely destroy the beauty of music. To cope with this puzzling question and keep them intact, I google it to make a collection and share 5 iTunes Album Artwork Finder with you.

Tools 1: iTunes get album art automatically

Tools 2: Album Art Widget

Tools 3: Tunes Finder and Cleaner

Tools 4: Scripts for album cover finder

iTunes get album art automatically

Launch iTunes library and connect computer (Mac/Window) to the Internet. For old iTunes version, go to the main menu "Advanced"->"Get Album Artwork". For iTunes 11, navigate to the main menu "File"->"Library"->"Get Album Artwork". The built-in option of iTunes will search and try to find the match album cover art for your song collections. And the pop-up window asks if you want to enable automatic downloading of missing album artwork. Just tick "Do not warn me again" box, and press "Enable Automatic Downloading" button.

The process of finding album artwork is depending on how many songs you have got, iTunes limited online database (only the album artwork sold in iTunes), the speed of local Internet connection.

Because of incomplete info of songs from free music download sites or ripped CDs, only few album artwork covers are recovered.

find missing album artwork

Album Art Widget

It's amazing widgets for Mac OSX Dashboard which helps us get album art from internet sources and add them to iTunes. It's reported that Album Art Widget repair Amazon and Google Image Serach album artwork fetching. The follow video will show you how to find and add cover artwork into iTunes library using album art widget on Mac OS X. If want to get Album Cover Finder for android, please click here to download.

Support OS: Mac OS X 10.4 or later
License: Freeware
File Size: 337K

Best duplicates and album artwork finder-Tunes Cleaner

Tunes Cleaner is the best iTunes library manager plugin which helps us to get album covers for songs automatically and remove duplicates in iTunes or music folders on computer, mp3 devices. It doesn't require an Apple account to get artwork and covers from any country.

People have downloaded imelfin Tunes Cleaner and Finder:

Download Video Converter for Mac imElfin Tunes Cleaner for win

Once you install and run this program, the elegant interface shows up. Click" Start to Clean iTunes", all the missing album covers on iTunes or mp3 deivce will be detected. And it scores iTunes library to indicate how messy it is. Navigate to press "Fix All" button. It will automatically get all artwork & covers to MacBook Pro in the safe and fast way. The rest step is to choose "Apply" button. If you are not satisfied with the repair results, just click "edit" button in the unidentified songs and import covers which you prefer.

iTunes album artwork cover finder

People have downloaded imelfin Tunes Cleaner and Finder:

Download Video Converter for Mac imElfin Tunes Cleaner for win

Scripts for album cover finder

First, thanks for scripts developer which allows us to simplify our boring and repeat operation. It's pity that Fetch Art had stopped working November 2011 and works iTunes 10. It's a small program that fetch covers for one more songs by adopting Amazon's XML interface. It enables us to preview the album and add artwork to iTunes library.

Anyway if you have used the above tools, all the missing album covers should be almost completely restored. Okay if you enjoy one of the four tools and finish finding album covers, you're welcomed to share other tools to fix iTunes songs with your friends!

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