7 Useful Methods to Download and Get Free iTunes Songs

Don't want to miss 7 types of effective and advanced tricks to dig up a bunch of free music and download all freebies to iTunes.

U2 For Free On iTunes

Apple iTunes Store is one of the most popular digital music stores all over the world. There are several free options available in iTunes store directly. In fact, there is more than one way to legally get free songs on iTunes. Everyone loves freebies, don't you? This guide will share 7 ways to straight dig up free and legal songs from iTunes store.

Free iTunes gift card

If you get free iTunes Gift Card, it will be free for you to download free music to iTunes. How to redeem an iTunes gift card on your Mac?

"Redeem" can be found under the QUICK LINKS on the right side of panel. And then input your code and press "Redeem" button. Once your iTunes Gift Card Code is right, a pop-up window will prompt you how much your Apple account has been credited. Of course, check out which country are your iTunes gift cards used on. In other words, make sure that iTunes account is consistent with your iTunes gift cards.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a free iTunes Gift Card? Yes, you can! Just Google "free iTunes gift card generator tools" and so you are able to make and get a gift card for free. Sometime you'll gain iTunes Gift Card from your family or friends.

Free iTunes Gift Card

Free on iTunes

Download and launch iTunes. Before downloading free iTunes songs, you should have an American iTunes account. If I'm in the UK, how can I get free stuff as easy as American citizens do?

1. Firstly, for iTunes windows users, go to "View" menu and choose "Show Sidebar". For iTunes window users, navigate to "View"->"Show Sidebar". Then Click "iTunes Store" option on the right-hand side bar. Let's click the round flag at the bottom of the iTunes library, and choose the USA flag in the country selection screen. Note: If you want to success in registering American Apple ID, make sure that you have installed free American VPN.

2. Secondly, switch to "Music" tab on the top. And it will redirect us to the music section of the Apple store where all songs are shown up. Then click "Sign In" on the top left button and press "Create Apple ID" button on the pop-up window. It will lead us how to register American Apple ID step by step. Note: make sure that you have PayPal/VISA/MasterCard/... whose billing address is in the United States. Get a whole new American credit card at the fake Name Generator.

Once you create American iTunes account, ensure you have already chosen the USA location and then sign in iTunes account with American iTunes Apple ID. Switch to "Music" option and mouse over "Free on iTunes" on the right of the iTunes store. Click it and will see free stuff. Download free iTunes songs by clicking "Free" button.

Free on iTuneds

Download and subscribe to podcasts

To listen to an audio podcast, mouse over the title of songs and press Play. And click "Subscribe" button to access free and legal mp3 songs. Here is a list of some podcast depend on your taste which you can try to listen.

1. Royalty Free Music Library

2. Free Music Archive

3. New Music Monday

4. Music Popcast

5. Irish and Celtic Music Podcast

If the above top 5 music podcasts are not your tastes, here you can dig up more podcasts which you like.

Free iTunes Podcasts music

Get free iTunes music by ripping CD

Do you get many CD physical disks collections? Have you ripped CD collections to digital music with free CD ripper? Get free songs from CDs with iTunes. In fact, the concert DVD collections are also ripped to free iTunes music with DVD ripper. After ripping DVD collections successfully, you can click "Add File to Library" and import all free ripped music to iTunes.

rip cd to free iTunes songs

Get free Songs from iTunes with YouTube Downloader

YouTube is a video-sharing websites which involves music videos, concert videos, cartoons movies Videos, etc. iTunes songs can be found in the YouTube videos as well. To rip free songs from YouTube videos, Imelfin YouTube downloader is a must-have tool. The output audio format can be chose as .mp3, .wma, .m4a, .amr and so on. Before you get free music from YouTube music videos, you should know iTunes supported audio formats include: MP3, AAC, AIFF, WAV, M4A, M4P.

Download Shareware YouTube Downloader for free:

Youtube Downloader for Win Youtube Downloader for Mac

Get free iTunes songs from YouTube videos

By the way, you can download free iTunes music from almost all video sites such as Facebook, VEVO, Break, AOL, Blip.tv and so on. A step by step guide shows how to convert music video from sites to iTunes songs with ease.

Free music torrent for iTunes

Google.com can help us to search for most free music sites and we can get free downloaded songs to iTunes Library.

1. Jamendo.com- "Free music downloads for private use and easily finds talented singers".

2. Amazon.com- "Thousands of freebies songs and easily browse it by genre".

frre songs from Amazon

3. Free Music Archive- "It's an interactive library of high quality and legal audio downloads directed by WFMU".

Do you want to know more free music sites and download them to iTunes? The torrents.to maybe leads you to search plenty of free songs as easy as ABC.


1. Starbucks partners with Apple to offer iTunes music gift cards. The Starbucks Pick of week allows us to download free songs, apps, and more from iTunes.

2. Audacity is free audio recording computer software which is available for Windows, Mac OSX, Linux. Learn to record streaming audio with Audacity on Mac or Windows.

3. It is so easy to share iTunes library with your family or friends on your Mac or PC. For Mac users, just launch iTunes and go forward to "iTunes"->"Preferences"->"Sharing". Set what you prefer to share and press "OK" button. At last, others will be able to stream all you have chosen to share now.

It's worth of us to dig up much more free iTunes songs resource. However, because iTunes is clunky, slow and annoying, sometimes it's hard to manage a large amount of mess-up songs without album cover. Tunes Cleaner is a nice auto iTunes duplicates remover and easily automatically fix all album covers. It allows us to edit mp3 tags as easy as ABC. And it can also scan and repair non-iTunes folders such as an external hard drive as you prefer.

Tunes Cleaner for MacimElfin Tunes Cleaner for win

Free iTunes Songs Remover

7 Useful Methods to Download and Get Free iTunes Songs