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Ultimate eBook Converter, Convert and Remove DRM from eBooks, help you read books anywhere.

Remove DRM: Kindle, Adobe, Nook
Convert eBooks: Mobi, ePub, PDF
Edit meta data: author, title, cover...
Batch conversion, high quality...

Remove DRM

Remove DRM

Support different kinds of eBooks drm: Kindle, Adobe Adept, Nook

Remove DRM quickly: Kindle, Adobe Adept, Nook

With this all-in-one tool you can Remove Kindle DRM, Adobe DRM and Nook DRM from eBooks, which makes your books free so that you can dominate your own purchases.

Support eBooks from almost all the publishers

Support eBooks purchased from: Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Sony, Smashwords, and many other public libraries.

Only remove book files header, no content lose

It just removes drm protection from your books, no change to the original files. And, it will automatically back-up your books by saving them in another folder.

Directly remove DRM in Kindle E-Ink readers

Automatically get the file information of KPW after you connected with pc. Books added, DRM will be removed soon without inputing the KSN.
Convert eBooks

Convert eBooks

Convert eBooks to different formats:ePub, Mobi, PDF.

Convert eBooks to ePub, PDF, Kindle Mobi format

Convert books to ePub, PDF and Mobi with high quality. And it supports different input formats, not only ePub, pdf, mobi, but also Kindle AZW, AZW3, PRC, etc.

Batch conversion supported, save your time

Drag many books together into the program, then it will convert all your books in batch.

Non-DRM books also supported

It helps convert DRMed books to another format, but it also supports Non-drm books. Just drag books to the main interface, then you can convert them to different formats.

Enjoy your eBooks

Convert almost all the books purchased from Kindle, Google, Kobo, Sony, Nook, online bookshelf, etc. Tips: It doesn't support drm removing from iBooks.
Edit eBook meta data

Edit eBook meta data

Modify books meta as what you want.

Fix meta: title, author, publisher, etc

If you find some spelling error in your books meta data, such as the author name, the book title, your comments, and so on, you can correct them as what you want by clicking on "Edit".

Change or download eBooks cover

If you think the book cover is ugly, you can change the cover. What's more, it can download some images from your book content so that you can use as cover.

Make your books better

Not only liberate your books free, but also let the book be your own belongings. You can edit, print, share with others.
Search and sort books in library

Search and sort books in library

Save time to search any book among thousands of eBooks files.

Search a book from local library

When collecting a large number of books, the searching function will save your time the most. You can search a book by a single word in title, author, publisher, or even introduction.

Sort books by date, type, name or file size

In your local library you can sort your books by size, name, date, type. Show you different layout so that you can recognize them right away.

Batch conversion and easy to use

Batch conversion and easy to use

No need to convert one by one, no need to back up the source files.

Convert and Remove drm from eBooks in batch

Drag many books at one time. Then the batch conversion soon begin. You can also select all the books just with 1-click.

Read your purchased books on any devices

Read those decrypted books on Kindle, iPad, Nexus 7, Android phone, Mac, Kobo, Sony eReader, etc.

A "must-have" tool for all eBook reading lovers

High award-winning by CNET, Softonic, Softpedia, etc. If you are an eBook reading lover, don't miss it out!

Clean and friendly interface

Provide you an unblievable clean interface so that beginners can also use it easily.

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