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I need a simple to use all in one dvd copying program that will rip, decode, shrink ,decrypt, whatever. Free would be great but I don't mind paying if I have to.

my blu-ray copy plays all the previews, then when the movie come on, it freezes and all you hear is the sound,can you help me?

                                  thank you

I want to rip Videos from DVD ......? --
I want to rip videos from dvd, should is rip the dvd via softwares like HandBrake etc, or should i copy and paste .VOB video files from DVD to my computer ? what is the difference between these 2 ways ? which one method is better and why ?
how can you copy any bonus features from a blu ray disc? dvd shrink can do it with dvds
I had vhs tapes transferred to DVD's. Now I want to make copies of these DVD's for others to have? Can I do that on my PC (Windows7)??
How to make a copy of a DVD? --
I am making a couple copies of my DVDs to give to my friend as a grad present. I was wondering how to make the copies using a windows computer. I still want mine to work and have a copy if that makes a difference.
What product does both type of dvd copy
copy dvd